our advantages

Competitive Differentiators

REIT Funding offers many advantages and benefits that our competitors do not:

  • The state-level Form D or Blue Sky filings have a significant impact on cost in a small private placement, especially when multiple REITs are being offered at the same time. We specifically limit our offering footprint to three states (GA, FL, and TX) to minimize the state filing costs and, more significantly, the related legal fees. The filing fee in Georgia is $410. Florida and Texas have available self-executing exemptions.
  • All our investors are individual “U.S. Persons” as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. We do not sell to entities, trusts, or retirement accounts, thereby reducing the potential for qualification and/or ERISA issues.
  • Depth of organization – We have a full-time staff of 14 professionals who are 100% dedicated to the REIT shareholder business. We have helped 4,400 REITs obtain preferred shareholders since 1998. We have a proven track record of quickly and efficiently handling the offerings, and the equally important, ongoing shareholder administrative duties over the life of the REITs.

  • We have a full-time legal staff of four experienced individuals who will assist with the preparation and review of the offering materials. They are also available to assist with any shareholder-related questions or issues that arise once the REIT is up and running. You will benefit from enhanced peace of mind that comes from knowing the offering is done properly.
  • We have a full-time IT staff of three individuals overseeing the technical infrastructure that maintains the shareholder records and reporting systems. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our technology to make sure that we can meet the needs of our clients quickly and accurately.
  • The fees we quote in the proposal are all you will ever pay. We do not charge extra for liquidations, redemptions, preparing and filing IRS Form 8937, providing any requested audit or due diligence backup reporting, or other matters related to the preferred shareholders over the life of the REIT.
  • You never have to worry about execution. We generally complete the offerings in two weeks or less and are capable of completing them in less than a week in emergency situations.
  • Our affiliated broker-dealer is 100% dedicated to REIT preferred offerings. We are able to ensure that the offerings commence without delay or distraction.